Listen To Your Soul Part III

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By Sam Petrou

When we are at peace with ourselves the energy that we emit radiates through boundaries beyond imaginable, orchestrating a ripple through time and space.

As we emit this radiating energy we start to feel a sense of belonging and trust in the world, a sense of appreciation as we feel part of the bigger picture.

Over the past few weeks I have taken you on a journey to help you find balance and peace within yourself and have provided you with the tool of meditation to support you in finding this inner peace.

This week I would like to introduce you to an activity you can try with your family, friends and friends of friends to help you “get to know” your higher-self a little bit more.

Before we get started on the exercise, we need to establish something quite important. In Part 1, we established the power the ego can have on us. Well, your intuition is usually the inner-voice of wisdom that we feel first. It is a warm, fuzzy sensation that can be felt in our hearts and our tummy area. The doubt and fear usually follows soon after that, but it is our mind that creates this, so it is important for you to be aware of this while practicing this exercise, as to not allow the ego to dismiss your intuition.

This exercise uses psychometric practices, which in simple terms is a psychic ability where someone can read the energy of a particular object.

I have selected this method as it is an easy approach for people who are only learning to open up to their intuitive selves.

What do you have to do?

  • Get a group of friends together, say 2-10 people. The more the merrier, try and keep the numbers even.
  • Ask everyone to bring something that is important with them on the day you run this activity, for example; a piece of jewellery, a lucky stone/pendant, keys etc. Preferably something that others may not have seen before to make this effective.
  • Set up the space so everyone is sitting in a circle facing each other, you can be either seated on the floor or on chairs this doesn’t matter.
  • Using a large container (e.g. ice cream container) ask each person to place their item inside.
  • Start with a short meditation to set the right energy – 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Walk around the circle and ask each person to draw an item out of the container, if they pick up their own piece ask them to place it back without showing it and get them to try again.
  • Ask everyone to close their eyes and focus their energy solely on the item at hand, and to take note of any thoughts, visualisations, feelings and sensations they may experience during this time. Keep the atmosphere calm and quiet and allow everyone as long as needed to pick up the energy from the item they are holding.
  • After about 5-10 minutes or once you notice people becoming restless, ask them to open their eyes and go around the room one at a time so each person can share what they felt/experienced. Once they have finished sharing, get the owner of the item to identify themselves and to share how relevant the persons experience was to the piece they selected.

You will find that most of your friends would have connected quite deeply with the item they had and sharing their experience will support each other as a group.

An example of what to expect: Someone is holding a pendant and they may be getting a feeling of love from an older person, they may notice a sweet smelling perfume and a song may be playing in the background within their mind. When the discussion starts and the owner of the piece identifies themselves, you find out that a loved one had given her this pendant and she loved wearing this type of perfume and enjoying singing and dancing.

So although things may not make sense (which is where the ego can kick in), it will come together when it is discussed amongst the group. The importance is not to try too hard, and to allow the energy to flow as it comes. If for any reason you are unable to complete this exercise, there is nothing wrong – patience is an important part of spiritual growth and dealing with your intuition, so keep practicing.

With plenty of practice, you will start to see that the ability to “Listen to your Soul” comes quite easily and is within each and every one of us.

I hope you have enjoyed the “Listen to your Soul” series and I hope the tools I have shared allow you to see your life in a different way I am forever grateful to have you join me and for the lovely feedback I receive each week from you.

Thanks again for joining me.

Warm Blessings xx

Sam is a naturally gifted Psychic who has an uncanny ability to tap into the spirit world, to provide guidance and clarity to your life. In a recent consultation, he raised several points of which there was no way he could have known the situation prior, and assisted with an important personal decision of my own. Be prepared to be blown away by his insights and spiritual connectedness.

Lloyd D

I had a fantastic reading with Sam on the 31/07/2021. He was extremely accurate with everything he told me, things that only i would know or that my deceased parents would know. Absolutely blew me out of the water and i will be getting future readings with Sam again for sure.
Highly recommended!!
Thanks again Sam.
Chris M

I was honestly surprised by how accurate Sam was during the reading I had. Not only is he a genuine psychic medium, but is also a warm, and down to earth kind of person. I highly recommend Sam 👍

Zahra K

I wanted to thank you for the time you took with me during my appointment. The information that came up during my reading was spot on, and I cannot thank you enough!! I had booked a 60 minute reading with Sam and he was an absolute gentleman and delivered messages to me in a professional yet clear manner. Look forward to my next session with you, thank you Sam!

Sally K

My daughter and I had a reading from Sam on Sunday. Most authentic, accurate, healing , amazing session. More than we could ever have hoped for, or expected

Ruth K

I would just like to thank Sam for the amazing work and help he has given us . Sam is an absolute humble and down to earth gentleman who’s ability are 100% accurate and who could not make understanding everything that was going on any easier to comprehend and we could not be more happier with his guidance and our outcome. If you ever need any spiritual guidance I would highly recommend Sam he is amazing and very attentive. May God Bless you in every way 🙏❤️😘

Paula L

Thank you Sam for yet another fantastic reading 🖤💛 my last reading was a year ago 😊 I just love how down to earth you are . You connected very strongly for me, my nana validated so much xx Thank you so much , much needed guidance through my Aboriginal ancestors and especially since I'm on country 🖤💛


Thank you Sam for all your help and guidance, have an amazing time at the gold coast. Love n light Sharon xx

Sharon L

Such a pleasure to have met you Sam, thank you so much for your amazing Reading! So glad you can connect to the ocean and have a few days of rest and relaxation before heading back to Sydney 🙏

Jenny W

Sam Petrou is a genuine and spiritually gifted Psychic Medium. Having met Sam at a fair over 7yrs ago, his peaceful energy and accurate guidance has always given me the direction I needed. I have now completed his workshops for personal development and this has been incredibly intuitively awakening. I strongly recommend Sam to anyone seeking messages for their soul and guidance for life’s journey ahead.


I have just completed Sam's level 1 workshop and it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it so much that I have signed up for his level 2 workshop. Sam has a beautiful soul and is a wonderful mentor who is patient and gentle, he is always willing to answer any questions and I really benefited positively with everything including our meditation sessions which has helped me to discover a lot more within myself and receive guided messages. I really recommend doing Sam's workshop as you learn so much, I can't wait to start level 2 soon. 

Monica W

Completed Psychic Mediumship & Self Development online workshops with Sam and I would highly recommend this exceptional learning experience and opportunity for personal growth. Sam is a great facilitator and mentor that provides individualised support and coaching throughout the duration of the course. I found that the live workshops were well structured and interactive. The allocated reflective tasks and techniques demonstrated were simple to follow and built upon each other as the workshops progressed. Thank you Sam for such a great learning experience and supporting me to practice and learn.

Mary G

I am pleased I followed my heart and arranged to have a half an hour reading with Sam, and can honestly say that the messages that came through from my loved ones are reassuring. Sam is very calming and his approach is very professional.

Charlene E

Had a fantastic reading from Sam. He clarified a few things for me. He was spot on, and made some interesting predictions that I definitely was not expecting to hear. Thanks Sam for your insight and sensitivity. Will definitely do it again. Hopefully in person. Sending you all good wishes for all the help, support and positive energy you give out to everyone.

Carmel L R

I had my first reading tonight with Sam ❤️ he was amazing validated everything in half an hour.. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a reading, he brought in messages from my Aboriginal roots, my family that protect me in spirit. I am changing my career and he was so spot on with that, and my move, plus with my son and something that actually came up in the reading which happened today. Thank you Sam so much I am sure we will meet again, you are amazing ❤️

Candice P