~ Embrace Transformation ~
One of my favourite cards has come up for today and it has a strong message for you.
The card of transformation represents changes that are occurring not only within you but also all around you. You are being asked to acknowledge the blessings that will be delivered by these changes.
At times we usually see unexpected changes as a negative but the truth is, life is all about continual change there is never a time where things remain the same. The secret is to keep going with the flow of the energy even when you can’t see the outcome, going against it can cause you to feel unmotivated, detached and even upset. As this occurs keep the faith that the Universe is always trying to put you on a better path.
Transformation occurs at many different levels energetically so it is important to release doubt and fear and go in the direction that you are being propelled towards.
As you read today’s guidance pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that surface as it is your intuition speaking with you.
Happy Friday and many blessings