The Life of a Butterfly

The Life of a Butterfly

By Sam Petrou

There are times in life where we feel that things are not going the way we planned, at times it may even feel that we are going backwards with our plans.

The Universe can work in many different ways to bring forward what our heart calls for and it may not always be in the way that we expected.

When you notice the down shift in energy, I would like you to think of The Life of a Butterfly.

It goes through the stage of slowly growing from as a small Caterpillar, walking along ever so slowly, getting through all the challenges, yet it never gives up.

The time comes when it starts to build its cocoon and spends some time there, the question we then ask the butterfly, is whether it thinks that its life is now over or does it know that there is more to come after this period of rest and transformation.

A short time then passes and it is now reborn as a beautiful butterfly.

Feeling the freedom and serenity after the darker moments and difficult times it had to go through to be where it is today.

When your life gets tricky, or you feel uneasy, remember the Butterfly.