God, The Universe, Spirit – or ‘whoever’ you pray to created us with the same love & light you find in all of us. The odd thing is, although most of us don’t wish to be judged, we pass judgement on to others – not always intentionally but it is there.
The Universe created us all as individuals with different life paths, lessons and stories to share and learn from and this is where this discussion gets deeper.

There is a lot of pressure imposed on the LGBTIQ community and there are a lot of people who are suggesting that these people do not have the right to get married; why should the opinion or beliefs of others affect our beautiful humans in being with someone they love & care about? Is it really going to affect everyone at an individual level that much that there is so much anger and upheaval towards recognising this?

There is also a stigma where people believe that people ‘choose’ that kind of lifestyle – people are born that way and it is who they are – it is not something they can change one morning nor should they feel that pressure.
Each soul has its own purpose and a different path sometimes more difficult than others, but allowing our soul to grow in this lifetime supports in our overall ascension so please see the need to start recognising each other as one community, as one love, as fellow humans. Share the love ❤️
#Imvotingyes #MarriageEquality