The Uncertain Path

As humans we tend to appreciate consistency in our lives, if you look around at our society, it is based upon this very principle. Most people have the same daily rhythm of life, whether this be getting up for work at the same time, the same...

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CORONAVIRUS – It’s in the news on every single channel, on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it is affecting thousands if not millions of lives daily… but I really wanted to take a different perspective on it and to provide you...

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Emotional Withdrawal

This card presents itself when we are feeling detached emotionally, usually when we have no emotional satisfaction. This can be quite broad but can represent a relationship, your social life and even your work. At this time you are being asked to...

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Recognition and Reward

The message from this card is acknowledgment from the universe in regards to the amount of hard work you have been putting in, and that this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Keep pushing through as your perseverance will evolve in to a favourable outcome...

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The energy has been up and down and you may be feeling like you are lacking direction or the inability to make decisions. The card for today is asking you to forget the fear the ego is instilling and to go within… Take a step back and...

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The Star

✨ The Star ⭐ The first card for 2018 is here! Perfect timing with the Full Moon energy upon us ? The star is such a positive card to start the new year with as we are now entering a time where our wishes are going to be met. You may have noticed...

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The Life of a Butterfly

The Life of a Butterfly

The Life of a Butterfly By Sam Petrou There are times in life where we feel that things are not going the way we planned, at times it may even feel that we are going backwards with our plans. The Universe can work in many different ways to bring...

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Love Is Love

  God, The Universe, Spirit – or ‘whoever’ you pray to created us with the same love & light you find in all of us. The odd thing is, although most of us don’t wish to be judged, we pass judgement on to others...

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The Secret To Happiness

The Secret To Happiness

The Secret To Happiness By Sam Petrou Happiness is something that we all try to attain but for many people it feels out of reach. At a soul level, we are all happy and surrounded by love. When we understand this, it makes it easier to achieve...

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Something new is here

~ Something new is here ~ This card jumped out straight away today… the Two Of Cups represents a new transition in your life, that touches your emotional self. In most instances it refers to a new friendship or a new relationship but...

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Sam is a naturally gifted Psychic who has an uncanny ability to tap into the spirit world, to provide guidance and clarity to your life. In a recent consultation, he raised several points of which there was no way he could have known the situation prior, and assisted with an important personal decision of my own. Be prepared to be blown away by his insights and spiritual connectedness.

Lloyd D

I had a fantastic reading with Sam on the 31/07/2021. He was extremely accurate with everything he told me, things that only i would know or that my deceased parents would know. Absolutely blew me out of the water and i will be getting future readings with Sam again for sure.
Highly recommended!!
Thanks again Sam.
Chris M

I was honestly surprised by how accurate Sam was during the reading I had. Not only is he a genuine psychic medium, but is also a warm, and down to earth kind of person. I highly recommend Sam 👍

Zahra K

I wanted to thank you for the time you took with me during my appointment. The information that came up during my reading was spot on, and I cannot thank you enough!! I had booked a 60 minute reading with Sam and he was an absolute gentleman and delivered messages to me in a professional yet clear manner. Look forward to my next session with you, thank you Sam!

Sally K

My daughter and I had a reading from Sam on Sunday. Most authentic, accurate, healing , amazing session. More than we could ever have hoped for, or expected

Ruth K

I would just like to thank Sam for the amazing work and help he has given us . Sam is an absolute humble and down to earth gentleman who’s ability are 100% accurate and who could not make understanding everything that was going on any easier to comprehend and we could not be more happier with his guidance and our outcome. If you ever need any spiritual guidance I would highly recommend Sam he is amazing and very attentive. May God Bless you in every way 🙏❤️😘

Paula L

Thank you Sam for yet another fantastic reading 🖤💛 my last reading was a year ago 😊 I just love how down to earth you are . You connected very strongly for me, my nana validated so much xx Thank you so much , much needed guidance through my Aboriginal ancestors and especially since I'm on country 🖤💛


Thank you Sam for all your help and guidance, have an amazing time at the gold coast. Love n light Sharon xx

Sharon L

Such a pleasure to have met you Sam, thank you so much for your amazing Reading! So glad you can connect to the ocean and have a few days of rest and relaxation before heading back to Sydney 🙏

Jenny W

Sam Petrou is a genuine and spiritually gifted Psychic Medium. Having met Sam at a fair over 7yrs ago, his peaceful energy and accurate guidance has always given me the direction I needed. I have now completed his workshops for personal development and this has been incredibly intuitively awakening. I strongly recommend Sam to anyone seeking messages for their soul and guidance for life’s journey ahead.


I have just completed Sam's level 1 workshop and it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it so much that I have signed up for his level 2 workshop. Sam has a beautiful soul and is a wonderful mentor who is patient and gentle, he is always willing to answer any questions and I really benefited positively with everything including our meditation sessions which has helped me to discover a lot more within myself and receive guided messages. I really recommend doing Sam's workshop as you learn so much, I can't wait to start level 2 soon. 

Monica W

Completed Psychic Mediumship & Self Development online workshops with Sam and I would highly recommend this exceptional learning experience and opportunity for personal growth. Sam is a great facilitator and mentor that provides individualised support and coaching throughout the duration of the course. I found that the live workshops were well structured and interactive. The allocated reflective tasks and techniques demonstrated were simple to follow and built upon each other as the workshops progressed. Thank you Sam for such a great learning experience and supporting me to practice and learn.

Mary G

I am pleased I followed my heart and arranged to have a half an hour reading with Sam, and can honestly say that the messages that came through from my loved ones are reassuring. Sam is very calming and his approach is very professional.

Charlene E

Had a fantastic reading from Sam. He clarified a few things for me. He was spot on, and made some interesting predictions that I definitely was not expecting to hear. Thanks Sam for your insight and sensitivity. Will definitely do it again. Hopefully in person. Sending you all good wishes for all the help, support and positive energy you give out to everyone.

Carmel L R

I had my first reading tonight with Sam ❤️ he was amazing validated everything in half an hour.. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a reading, he brought in messages from my Aboriginal roots, my family that protect me in spirit. I am changing my career and he was so spot on with that, and my move, plus with my son and something that actually came up in the reading which happened today. Thank you Sam so much I am sure we will meet again, you are amazing ❤️

Candice P